CONNECTED: A NEW WAY TO LIVE 10/14/18-11/18/18

Connected: A New Way to Live

Connected is a series that invites us into a new way of living.  What if all of life pointed to Jesus and he was the central issue connected to all of our other issues?  This would radically change how we viewed our life, relationships, and deepest longings.  Connected is for those looking to experience more.

“jesus is the better finisher”

Casey Cleveland Sermon 11-18-18

The power of god (Stand alone sermon)

david guzik Sermon 11-11-18

“jesus is the better high priest, the better sacrifice and the better king”

mitch thompson Sermon 11-4-18

“jesus is the better friend”

Casey Cleveland Sermon 10-28-18

David and Goliath: “Jesus is the better david”

“know your role”

Sam powers Sermon 10-21-18

“Jesus is the better king”

Casey cleveland Sermon 10-14-18