Mission - The Avenue Church exists to glorify God by making disciples who bring the renewing beauty of Jesus to brokenness.

Vision - Radical gospel renewal in our lives, church, and city.


Outcomes - When we are on mission we expect measurable gospel renewal in the following areas:

  • Disciples: People walking in the ways of Jesus and teaching others to do the same.

  • Leaders: People equipped and sent to help others become who God designed them to be.

  • Family: People who love and serve one another by bringing the gospel to bear in each other’s lives.

  • Collaboration: Partnering with local and international churches and organizations to demonstrate and declare the kingdom.

  • Faithful Presence: People having a faithful presence where they work, live, and play.

Strategy - to achieve these outcomes and vision we commit to:

  • Intimacy with God: Spending time in the Bible, praying, and listening.

  • Family Life: Knowing, celebrating, and preferring others in our homes, church, and city.

  • Generous Living: Living each day with a readiness and desire to freely give of our spiritual and physical gifts.

  • Reimagining Evangelism: Building three relationships with non-believers, sharing your grace story, and hospitality.
    **This will demand consistent communication, measurement, and equipping**


The Shared Culture/Values of the Avenue Church is what defines us as people and shapes who we are and who we are becoming. This is The AC:

  • Welcoming Family (Jesus prays for this) - God invites his people to be a countercultural family of beloved sons and daughters (Gal 4:4-7). Therefore, by his grace:

    • We will pursue healthy, life-giving relationships with each other.

    • We will seek to build a racially, generationally, and culturally reconciled family.

    • We will make room for others’ perspectives, feelings, stories, and rhythms to be different than our own.

    • We will work to ensure that there are no truly needy among us.

    • We will always assume the presence of non-Christian guests and welcome them into our family with respect, hospitality and love.

  • Ongoing Renewal (Jesus is making all things new) - God invites his people to be a counterculture that seeks the peace and prosperity of the city (Jer. 29:4-7). Therefore, by his grace:

    • We will join God in the renewal of broken souls, relationships, neighborhoods, industries, and institutions.

    • We will seek to change our city by changing our dinner tables.

    • We will reconnect our work to God’s work and serve faithfully, creatively, and redemptively.

    • We will live simply to give generously.

  • Life-Giving Humility (Jesus models this) - God invites his people to be a counterculture of self-forgetfulness (Phil 2:3-11). Therefore, by his grace:

    • We will cling dependently to God and His Word for our identity, desires, and ethics.

    • We will pray desperately and expectantly.

    • We will graciously own and use our God-given gifts for the benefit of others.

    • We will take God seriously, but we won’t take ourselves too seriously.

    • We will rest in God’s grace by receiving God-given limitations as opportunities.

  • Contagious Authenticity (Jesus comes for the sick) - God invites his people to be a countercultural who confess their shortcomings and failures (1 Jn 1:5-2:2). Therefore, by his grace:

    • We will confess and confront the brokenness in our own souls first.

    • We will define ourselves more by God’s love and holiness than our wounds and brokenness.

    • We will step toward the gritty reality of a community of sinners & sufferers.

    • We will reject cynicism and live with growing happiness in Christ.

    • We will embody a grace that is both truthful and loving.

  • Catalytic Empowerment (Jesus activates the priesthood of believers) - God invites his people to be a counterculture of servants who share power and influence (Matt. 20:25-28). Therefore, by his grace:

    • We will activate the gifts, calling, and voice of every person in our community.

    • We will redefine leadership as service living with a “last will be first” mentality.

    • We will share power to spread dignity, prosperity, and authority for our neighbors.

    • We will pursue excellence by doing the best we can with what we have.

    • We will build people who work for the common good.


Jesus is our Senior Pastor...this is his church...and I am overwhelmingly thankful for this truth.
— Casey Cleveland, Lead Pastor